The responsibilities of the divisions that make up the Office of the Director-General are outlined below:

Corporate Affairs Division:

This office is in-charge of all capital projects, managing Programmes/Management Committee, developing CMD corporate plan, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects.

Public Relations and Protocol Unit:
The unit’s traditional role is building the reputation of, and courting favourable image of the Centre. Its activities are mainly in the areas of programme marketing, advertisement and publicity, speech writing, securing of passages, liaising with intended external public, etc.

Institutional Liaison Services Unit:
As a resource institution, the Centre offers a variety of services to organizations engaged in management development. Through the unit, the Centre carries out its resource agency role by providing technical, material and financial support to other organizations and institutions within its limited resources. The Centre’s institution support role is geared towards upgrading the quality of management education and training in Nigeria as well as increasing the availability of quality management education programmes to Nigerians.

The Centre liaises with all relevant institutions and organizations especially government departments and foreign government representatives and other international agencies. The main purpose of this liaison is to access some of the resources, which are made available to beneficiary institutions and organisations. Through the liaison activities, CMD was able to secure a cooperation agreement with the French government, a fellowship programme with the Australian government, experts and equipment from the Japanese government and other similar international organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Labour Organisation.

Nigerian commercial and industrial organisations have also provided financial resources for some of the fellowships for management teachers.

Programme Support Units
The activities of the units are:
i. Storage and issuance of training materials as approved by the Director-General;
ii. Producing and photocopying call-letters and workshop materials.

iii. Registration of workshop nominees.
iv. Provision of welfare items to participants through the workshop coordinators for the duration of the workshop.

The Programme Support Unit (PSU) manages and rents out the training facilities to individuals and corporate bodies who regularly require such facilities for training purposes.

Internal Audit Unit:
The Unit is charged with the responsibilities of ensuring strict compliance with laid-down regulations covering the procurement, disbursement and keeping of account records.

Legal Services Unit:
This Unit handles all legal matters relating to the Centre.