Human capital development is an important instrument in management process, corporate governance and achievement of national goals. The activity has become more strategic in today’s competitive global environment where excellence and adoption of best practices are key requirements for success. It is, therefore, important that human capital development function has to be performed professionally and competently. 

Any keen observer of training delivery in Nigeria in recent times will admit that training activity has become an all-comers affair and operators show complete disregard for professionalism, competence and ethical values. Many of those who provide the service lack the basic education, knowledge, training, experience and competence to do so. Much of the investment in training, consequently, does not yield the desired benefits. This trend has to be checked. 

At a meeting of Departmental Training Officers of Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), it was resolved that capacity building activities in the country have to be streamlined and that, henceforth, only institutions and individuals accredited by Nigerian Council for Management Development (NCMD) shall be engaged to provide training in the public service. The NCMD Act Cap N99 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (2007) which established it, empowers it to set up and maintain standards in management education, training and development in the country, including accreditation of trainers and training institutions. 

As the operational arm of NCMD, the Centre for Management Development (CMD) has for some time now embarked on sensitization and public enlightenment campaigns to articulate this mandate and reverse the current unregulated state of training in the country. 

The Council wishes to inform all management training providers and users of training services, public and private sector organizations, as well as the general public, that henceforth, only accredited management trainers and training firms will be allowed to provide training and capacity building services in the country. 

All management trainers and training firms that are yet to be accredited are hereby invited to seek accreditation and registration of their training services with NCMD.  Similarly, all firms operating in Nigeria which have training departments or schools for their employees are also expected to seek for accreditation for their training staff, departments and schools.