Function of Consultancy Department

CMD provides business advisory, professional consultancy and specialized business services to Nigeria enterprises and offers in-house management development programmes throughout Nigeria. Services provided include:


a.General Management:

i.Organizational Planning Structure

ii.orporate Planning Structure

iii.Management Audit

iv.Feasibility Studies

v. General Business Survey

vi.Management Information Systems

vii. Project Appraisal, etc.


i. Office Management

ii. Data Processing

iii.Office Planning Design and Space Utilization

iv. Records Management, etc

c. Finance and Accounting:

i.General Accounting and Auditing

ii. Accounting Systems Design

iii.Finance Planning and Control

iv. Financial Information and Reporting

v. Credit Control

vi. Taxation, etc

d. Manufacturing:

i. Production Planning and Control

ii.Industrial Engineering

iii.Materials Management

iv.Quality Control

v. Plant Location and Site Selection

vi. Plant Management

e. Marketing:

i. Marketing Strategy and Organization

ii. Market and Production Research

iii. Consumer Research

iv.Sales Management

v. Sales Forecasting

vi.Advertising and Sales Promotion, etc.


i.Personnel Selection, Placement and Record

ii.Executive Compensation

iii. Executive Selection Development and Training

iv. Productivity Improvement Strategies

v.Job Evaluation and Job Rating Systems

vi. Health and Safety Management

vii.Labour Relations, etc.

g. Procurement:


ii. Inventory Management and Control

iii.Stores Operation

h.Specialized Services:

i. Economic Survey and Analysis

ii. Water Resources Survey and Evaluation