Curriculum Vitae

Kabir Kabo Usman (BSc, MSc, Ph.D, Cert Ed, PGCE, TDLB, FABS, FCIA,




Dr. Kabir Kabo USMAN



Date of Birth


Marital Status



7th March 1957






Civil Status

World Class Leader, Manager, Educator, Motivator, Visionary and Master Trainer.



I am hard working, flexible, self motivated, transparent and can quickly adapt to diverse environments. I am fully capable of working as an individual or as part of a team and with my high level of determination and commitment; I can help make a difference. I am focused, dogged, analytical, evaluative and can perform under pressure to carry out mandates to a successful conclusion.


I have been working in the education sector since 1981. I taught in Schools, Colleges and Universities. I managed human resources as an experienced Manager in the sector. I am involved with policy and analysis, generation of policy options, evaluating, policy scenarios, policy implementation and assessment of such policies as well as redesigning. I developed access programmes (Foundation year for mature Students) in the UK, Vocational Training for the National Health Service Staff (NHS), the third largest employer in the world. I developed Foundation degree programme concept of Academy model in the United Kingdom.


I have also facilitated, delivered and coordinated many trainings for teachers and students in Virginia Paul D. Camp Community College, USA and Canada, Nigeria with British Council here in Nigeria and Dubai.


Current Position 2010 - Date

Director General and Chief Executive Officer for Centre for Management Development (CMD)


2009-2010 Technical Adviser to National Authorising Officer (NAO) on Social Sector Strategy Coordination of NV20:2020 and Seven Point Agenda. NAO is the Honourable Minister/Deputy Chairman for National Planning Commission. Consultant to the EU on strategy and policy coordination involving Vision 20:2020, and National M&E Framework.


The National Planning Commission engaged me as a Technical Adviser on Education and National Development Plans. The support I provided to the Honourable Minister in achieving these national objectives were by supporting the social services impacting on the activities of Federal Ministry of Education (FME), Federal Ministry of Health and Poverty Alleviation- MDG.


  • Served as a member of the Education National Technical Working Group (NTWG) for the vision 2020 document.
  • Served as a member of the vision 2020 Central Working Group (CWG) charged with the responsibility of harmonizing all the thematic areas of the vision document, culminating in a zero draft of NV20:2020.
  • Contributed significantly to the Editorial Team(ET) for the production of the final draft of NV20:2020
  • Supported the formulation and coordination of the production of the vision 2020 for Nigeria.
  • Co-ordinated the mechanism and process for the production of implementation achievement report of the 7 Point Agenda
  • Supported in the design of the templates for capturing the 7-point agenda deliverables
  • Established a road map for reporting mechanisms on a timely basis by working with MDA’s and States as stakeholders
  • Help to elucidate the monitoring and evaluation of the 7-point agenda achievements from various MDA’s
  • Participating as a member of the Central Working Group (CWG) for the production of the 5th National Development Plan which is currently known as the first implementation plan of the NV20:2020.
  • Worked with the ICT department at NPC to produce a policy and strategy to make the NPC a paperless commission.
  • Represented the Minister of National Planning at a number of functions related to the Commission
  • Contributed to the development of National M and E for Nigeria. Advise the Honourable Minister in identifying and reviewing all the relevant policies governing the Education sector in Nigeria for HM of Education;
  • Prepared presentations and discussion papers on education and Human Development  matters as and when required by the Honourable Minister of Education
  • Advise the Honourable Minister on critical issues that may arise from time to time in the education sector through written recommendations and strategies for them:
  • Advise and support the Honourable Minister in coordinating and engendering consensus among the key stakeholders (MDAs) in support and accomplishment of the goals articulated in the Seven-Point Agenda
  • Assist in monitoring and evaluation on education projects in the country and progress relating to plan implementation of these projects. This included site visits;
  • Advise the Honorable Minister of Education in planning and coordinating capacity and capability building efforts to strengthen our ability to deliver support to the development of the education sector as a whole in Nigeria;
  • Assist the Honorable Minister in ensuring that the short-term to long-term plans in the education sector support is consistent with the goals and objectives set out in the Millennium Development Goals document.
  • Assist the Honourable Minister in ensuring FME have designed and developed an articulate, coherent and integrated policy framework capable of attracting the much needed, civil society, donor agencies and private sector participation enabling investment based on international best practices;


Previous Government Positions in UK and Nigeria























Key Responsibilities/Task

2008-9 Technical Adviser to The MINISTER OF EDUCATION


Key Responsibilities/tasks

  • Provided advice and guidance on policy matters, plans and implementation
  • Worked with executive secretaries of the 19 parastatals in the ministry.
  • Provided training to DG’s and ES’s of 5 parastatals.
  • Wrote speeches and presentations for the Honourable Minister
  • Led the team and initiated the production of the education road map
  • Help negotiate and avert ASUU strike threatened in 2008
  • Participated in the National Council on Education proceedings
  • Represented the minister on various ministerial committees
  • Wrote policy papers on National Policy on Education for effective implementation particularly on Quality Assurance(QA)
  • Prepared and submitted detailed report on implementation progress of all matters related to reforms for quality Education in a timely and acceptable manner.
  • Provided technical advice on field findings on education projects. Such as Unity Schools
  • Provided contacts for collaboration and partnership on quality education by linking up with International Organizations such as UNDP and UNESCO.
  • Advised the Honourable Minister- National Planning Commission (Daggash) on policy plan and direction on Skills for Life to enable us to achieve our Universal Basic Education (UBE) targets and that of EFA.
  • Advised the Honourable Minister on Vocational and Technical skills development as a means of stimulating economic development, combating crime and providing employment.
  • Advised the Honourable Minister on framework for delivering the national educational outcomes through Action Plans, Targets, and Milestones, Value for Money and Value Added on the deliverables.


Assistant Principal at Manchester College of Arts and Technology (2002 - 2008) now called the Manchester College. The College has over 60,000 students and an income of over 200 million pounds yearly.


  • Devising strategic plans which met the college's developmental objectives and exceeds the requirements of the LSC and other stakeholders;
  • Developing a culture of continuous improvement by ensuring that the learner is at the centre of all services and systems;
  • Raising the quality of the college's academic provision and in particular improving student retention rates and widening access;
  • Developing a more innovative approach to the college's curriculum and in particular in the use of information and communications technology;
  • Achieving the college's recovery plan by maintaining the drive for operational savings and the diversification and acquisition of additional sources of revenue to meet ongoing efficiency gains and requirements. Moving the organisational culture to be more financially aware and achieving the cost effective use of all available resources;
  • Providing leadership and direction in order to ensure that the College continues to succeed in its Mission, achieve its Strategic Aim and Objectives and fulfil its responsibilities
  • Creating an ethos and culture which maximised the College's potential, while providing an inclusive and supportive environment to enable staff to work creatively and effectively.


- Director of Curriculum at Manchester College of Arts and

Technology (2001-2002)

- Head of Department at Manchester College of Arts and

Technology (1998 to 2001)

- Post Doctoral Research fellow- University of Manchester

(1988- 1992)

- Head of Department Gumel Advanced Teachers College

  • -1983)

- Lecturer in Mathematics & Chemistry College of Advanced

Studies, Kano (1981-1982)

- Lecturer at three other institutions in the UK (1986 1990)









Huddersfield University UK 

Cert Ed and PGCE(Teaching Qualifications)






Manchester College of Arts and Technology, UK

Training and Development Lead Body (TDLB): Qualified Assess on Monitoring and Evaluation.



Manchester University UK 

Ph D Chemistry




Manchester University UK

M Sc: Chemical Technology (Petroleum Chemistry and Hydrocarbon)


1977- 81

Bayero University Kano , Nigeria

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics- BSc Hons Chemistry



Federal School of Arts and Science Sokoto

First year  A-Level: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics



Government Secondary School Dambatta, Kano State

GCE/0-Level all subjects



Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 excellent; 5 basic)


Reading Speaking Writing









Professional Membership

Professional Development



  • Association of College Managers UK
  • Royal Society of Chemistry UK
  • Leadership in Development in 2012 at Harvard University USA
  • Certification and Accreditation of Training Institution and Trainers at Baltimore USA in July 2012
  • Attended a conference on China EXPO at Shanghai China in August 2010
  • Attended a training on Supply Chain and Logistics Management at Beijing China in June 2010
  • Certificate in Management Training at CMD- April 2010 on Train-The-Trainers Programme - MANDEV
  • Certificate OPEC certified training workshops on Oil & Gas 2009- Vienna Austria

Certificate Leadership training programme in New York and

Washington DC USA- July 2008 and 2009


Personal and Interpersonal Skills




  • Equitable distribution of responsibility through delegation and control
  • Good working relationship and understanding with colleagues
  • Driver for creativity and productivity on all matters
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in delivery on project Management
  • Good time management skills
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Good at meeting deadlines and working under pressure


Leadership and Management


  • Strategic implementation and monitoring of policies
  • Management, evaluation and utilization of resources
  • Strategic planning and management of staff
  • Administer admissions, recruitment, publicity, induction, moderation and graduation of students
  • Clear understanding of underpinning issues on education of regional, national and international priorities for economic development
  • Assertiveness in Training and Presentation Skills
  • High ability to co-ordinate and manage major projects involving multi-discipline teams;
  • Extensive analytical, research and negotiation skills;
  • Highly numerate with the ability to solve complex problems using practical solutions;
  • Experience in managing, maintaining and enhancing high government/political office;
  • Experience in developing Performance Management Systems, Performance Indicators and benchmarks;
  • Experience in developing and implementing communication strategies for change programmes;
  • High inter-personal, communication, advocacy, training and facilitation skills;
  • Extensive experience working at strategic and high political levels within the public sector;
  • Extensive experience working with civil servants, Commissioners, Advisers, Parliamentarians and Ministers;
  • Wealth of experience in managing large budgets in a transparent and coherent manner

Other relevant information

  • Teacher, Manager and Research Fellow at Manchester University in Petroleum Chemistry.
  • Director, Parent Governor, Board Member of Capital Science Academy, Abuja and Queen Science Academy, Kano Nigeria.
  • Established Capital Science Academy and Queens Science Academy as an International Consultant
  • Established Capital College Abuja, as an International Consultant for educational institutions.
  • Advised Education Ministers e.g. Bill Rammell on Strategy for Higher Education on high level skills in the UK.
  • A consultant on Education Training and Human Capital Development, via a consultancy company - KMS Consultants Ltd.
  • Member of National Technical Working Group (NTWG) on Education at National Planning Commission (NPC),
  • Consultant for British Council in Nigeria and UKCOSA in the UK
  • Was responsible for the Energy and Social Sectors at National Planning Commission, working actively on repositioning of the Energy sector.
  • Member, National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan (NIIMP), M&E and Plan Delivery sub-committee.

I have been involved in the following:

  • Nigeria National Curriculum for Basic Education.
  • UK Prime Ministers Initiatives on Quality Assurance and Skills for employment.
  • British Council Consultancy work on employability agenda.
  • International Education
  • High Level Skills for HE/Workforce Development
  • Representation at House of Lords on Foundation degrees awarding powers in the UK


Achievements on Policy Drive in Education

  • Have been deeply involved in Policy formulation, strategy and planning of education in the UK and further afield.
  • There has been significant reform of education in the UK for the last 15 years. Helena Kennedy, Tomlinson and recently Leitch.
  • At Manchester College and Manchester Local Education Authority (LEA), I have been a member of working parties that was instrumental to many changes in educational policies bringing about reform in the sector converting under achievement in schools.
  • The Skills for Life agenda for adults as a strategy to improve skills.
  • The development of foundation degrees in the UK was my direct responsibility as an Assistant Principal.
  • I worked with Education Ministers on Higher education reforms, skills for employment, and grants for adults’ learners, students Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET Group), Education Maintenance Allowance, adding value for adults, green college agenda etc.
  • Participated on debates regarding degree awarding powers to colleges at the House of Lords and also that of Ecoversity instituted by the University of Bradford.
  • Helped states and Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria on Quality Assurance matters and Office of Standard (inspectorate) and reviewed the various curricular areas nationally as consultant...
  • Been a “Change Agent” in education and policy reform via so many seminars and lectures to policy makers in Nigeria at Kano, Abuja and Lagos from 2002 to 2008 at British Council.
  • Developed Urban Education Programme to tackle under-achievement of youth in secondary schools in Manchester which included responsive teacher training and mentoring programme coordination. This has now become a success and being adopted by Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester City Council LEA.
  • Deliver papers at NIPSS to course participants in 2012 and 2013 in strategic management.



Professional development

  • Attended a conference on China EXPO at Shanghai China in August 2010
  • Attended a training on Supply Chain and Logistics Management at Beijing China in June 2010
  • Certificate in Management Training at CMD- April 2010 on Train-The-Trainers Programme - MANDEV
  • Certificate OPEC certified training workshops on Oil & Gas 2009- Vienna Austria
  • Certificate Leadership training programme in New York and Washington DC USA- July 2008 and 2009


  • Guest Speaker, NIDO Americas AGM/World Investments Conference, Renaissance Hotel, Newark Airport, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA, 20th to 21st September, 2013.
  • Tokyo International Conference on African Development, Yokohama, Japan, 1st 3rd June, 2013.
  • Top Executive Management and Leadership Programme, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, September 16th 20th, 2013.
  • Keynote Speaker at the Grassroots Development through Public Private Partnership (PPP), by the Public Notice International Magazine, Lagos, May, 2013
  • Several national and international courses on Education, Leadership, Management, Learning and Development in Nigeria, UK and Dubai.


  • Education system-9-3-4 is that the way forward? 2007
  • Education Policy - a comparative study between UK and Nigeria, - 2006
  • Quality Framework in Nigerian Education - Theory and Practice -2006
  • Teamwork and Team building -2002
  • Visitor at Paul De-Camp Community College, Virginia, USA for four years.
  • Delivery Methods and documentations in Teaching and Learning - October 1997.
  • Franchising of Further and Higher Education courses - July 1996.


  • Degree to Success Employment and Training July 1996,
  • European and Non-European Contribution to Mathematics,
  • Retention and Achievement in Further Education,
  • Quality of Education in Further Education,
  • Widening Participation and Welfare to Work,
  • Ten Commandments in Teaching,
  • Interviewing Skills and Group Dynamic Interaction,
  • Qualities of Leadership. Management,
  • Performance Measurement,
  • What to look for in a Diagnostic Test,
  • Time Management,
  • Special considerations when educating mature students,
  • Training of Trainers in Teaching and Learning Profession,
  • Functional Education as a remedy to educational and social Problems in Nigeria,
  • Why do Students fail Mathematics and English Language









Seminars organized & contributed to:

Courses Attended


  • Oil and gas in Nigeria (February 2009), OPEC seminar March, 2009.
  • Effective negotiation skills, organizational changes and strategy, 2008,
  • Appraisal-Performance Management Training 1998-2008
  • Further Education Funding Methodology 2001,
  • Leadership and Management Training-Common Purpose 2000 Manchester
  • Curriculum Development 1996,
  • Enhancing Retention and Achievement in FE 1996,
  • PGCE Programme 1994 1996.
  • Investors in Excellence
  • Teaching and Learning,
  • Individual Portfolio Building (Record of Achievements),


Awards & Commendations

  • 2012: Icon of Education Award by Education Times Magazine, Lagos.
  • 2012: Awarded Fellow of Chattered Institute of Administration FCIA
  • 2012: Call to the Hall of Fame by the African Business School (ABS), Abuja
  • 2011: Awarded Fellow of the African Business School, (ABS), Abuja
  • 2011: Commendation by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) for an Excellent Lecture Delivery on Project/ Programme Management
  • 2008 Commendation for Outstanding performance by the former Minister of Education and the Permanent Secretary of the Education Ministry (Dr Aja Nwachuku and Dr Sani Sufi)
  • 2008: Commendation for Outstanding contribution to education in Manchester commended by the former secretary of education of the U.K Alan Johnson for performance at Cheetham Hill in Manchester.
  • 2007: Commendation for Community Service by the Lord Mayor of Manchester Afzal Khan for outstanding contribution to the Manchester Community
  • 2000: Commendation for high level performance and was appointed to serve on a common purpose training as a promising manager in the UK by the Principal and Deputy Principal of MANCAT





  • Published various papers on catalysis for the production of polymers at University of Manchester
  • Presented many papers at International arena in Education in Gambia, Nigeria, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and USA in the following areas: policy planning and implementation, international education, national 2004-2006 qualification framework, quality assurance agencies, policies monitoring and evaluation in the UK. 2000- 2008 
  • Effective Management of Resources for Higher Productivity- Published by Centre for Management Development, 2012  
  • Global Quotations + Proverbs- Published by Spectrum Publishers in May 2009  
  • Global Wise Sayings- Published by Spectrum Publishers in May 2009  
  • Global Words of Wisdom- Published by Spectrum Publishers in May 2009  
  • Quality Teaching for Effective Learning- Being Edited due in January 2014


  • Plummeting Standard of Education in Nigeria- Being Edited due in July 2014


  • Late Dankabo Jarman Kano Personified- Being Edited due in January 2015


  • How to set up your own Business - The New Entrepreneur- Being Edited due in January 2014


  • Wrote numerous Policy Papers to Ministers of Education, Dr. Aja-Nwachuku, Mrs. Aishatu Jibril Dukku, and Dr. Sam Egwu Education Roadmap


  • Produced Reports on the Future of Petroleum for National development a policy framework document for Nigeria.


Media Appearances


  • Graduation Ceremony of Access students' achievements in Law, Science, Engineering and Computation - BBC Television and Radio 13th June 1997
  • Equal Opportunity Policy in Practice from the critical perspective, BBC Television and Radio 14th June 1997. 
  • Conference on Gun Law as a result of Dunblane Massacre in Scotland, BBC Radio Tuesday 5th November 1997.
  • Seminar on Quality of Education in FE & HE on Thursday 24th February 1998 GMR Radio Manchester regarding educational policy plans
  • MANCAT graduation ceremonies for three consecutive years- Manchester UK
  • Appears on so many educational programmes at NTA and CTV Kano
  • Contribute immensely onto Education debate in the-Freedom Radio Kano
  • NTA as an International Consultant on Education July, August and Sep. 2008
  • NTA 7 Point agenda of President Yar’Adua October 2008 on 7PA, National Development and visioning for Nigeria based on knowledge based Economy( KBE)



Reading, Writing, Traveling and Making new friends


On request